A number of scholarships to study in Western Australia are available to international students through:

  • the Australian government
  • universities
  • schools
  • English language and vocational colleges
  • research centres
  • some international and charitable organisations.

If you've performed well academically or achieved good results in non-academic areas, you should explore the scholarship options available to you. Some information is available below.

Australian Government scholarships

Each year, the Australian Government offers a selection of scholarships to international students as part of the national Australian Scholarships programme.

The following scholarships are available for all types of study except English language courses.

Endeavour Awards

The Endeavour Awards programme presents opportunities for study, research and professional development in Australia for individuals from the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions. There is also a limited number of awards available to people from Europe and the Americas. Endeavour Awards is an internationally-competitive, merit-based scholarship programme that aims to help individuals further their academic or professional careers. More information is available on the Australia Awards website.

Australian Leadership Awards

Australian Leadership Awards are available to eligible students from the Asia-Pacific region for postgraduate study and fellowships. The aim of the programme is to develop leadership and build partnerships and linkages within this region. The scholarship can only be used for study in one of these priority development areas: disability, economic growth, education, environment, food security, gender, governance, health, human rights, infrastructure, regional stability, rural development, water and sanitation. More information is available on the Australia Awards website.

Australian Development Scholarships

Australian Development Scholarships is a programme that focuses on long-term development and growth and stability of Australia's partner countries. The scholarships are available to students in 31 countries and are evenly distributed amongst men and women. After completing undergraduate or postgraduate studies in Australia, scholarship recipients must return to their home country for two years so they can use their skills to drive change and influence the development of their country. More information is available on the Australia Awards website.

Useful scholarship resources

The following websites also provide useful information about scholarship opportunities in Australia:

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