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Western Australia is known as a quality education destination and presents many study opportunities for international students.

You can choose your course from a range of study options at universities, private higher education, vocational and English language institutions and schools in Perth and regional Western Australia. Whether it’s English competency exam preparation, medicine, engineering, tourism, marketing or marine biology, you’ll find a suitable course in Perth.

The Western Australian education system is recognised around the world and can help you succeed in your career, in further studies and in life.

As an international student studying in Perth, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your interests and your place in your course are protected by government laws. There are strict regulations and quality assurance systems in place which protect students and ensure that they receive a quality education.

Information and Support services

Below is some information about support services available to international students studying in Western Australia:

Teaching Style

Many international students find Australian teaching styles to be different than what they are used to at home.
In Western Australia, teaching focuses on practical learning that encourages creative, independent thinking and debate. Rather than just teaching the basics, teachers aim to provide students with a thorough understanding of a topic.
Students are expected to develop their own thoughts and share them with fellow students during classes, and encouraged to discuss new ideas. Class participation is compulsory and forms a part of the final grade.

Consumer protection

The Australian Government laws provide protection to students in situations when an institution can no longer deliver the course the student is enrolled in. These laws ensure that:

a) Education providers refund course money to the student in the case of a provider default.

b) Students are offered placement in an alternative course through a Tuition Assurance Scheme, which includes education providers that can offer comparable courses. In the event of a provider collapse, students receive the tuition they have paid for in a suitable alternative course, in a timely manner, with minimum disruption, and without additional fees.

c) If no alternative placement has been found and the provider hasn’t issued a refund, students can apply for a refund of their tuition fees through the National Assurance Fund as a measure of last resort.

Course information

All institutions must ensure that their marketing materials such as brochures and handbooks are accurate, up-to-date and not misleading.
Before confirming an international student’s enrolment, the institution must provide course-related information about:

  • The course content and duration
  • The qualification it leads to
  • Teaching and assessment methods
  • English language requirements
  • Previous work experience or educational qualifications required for admittance
  • Requirements for course completion
  • Course related fees
  • The facilities and learning resources related to the delivery of the course
  • Student support services

Use the Perth Education City Find a Course Search to explore your study options in Perth or regional Western Australia.

Student support services

All education providers have an obligation to support international students in adjusting to study and life in Western Australia, and to help them achieve their course outcomes and learning goals.

Support services include:

  • Student orientation
  • Counselling and personal support
  • Academic progress reporting
  • Information on further studies
  • Accommodation services
  • Answering questions
Resolving problems

If you have any concerns about your course or your institution, you should first try to discuss them with your education provider. You can find more information about resolving problems from the Help to Resolve Problems page.

Information for students with disabilities

In Australia, Government laws make it unlawful for education providers to discriminate against a student because of a disability.
Many institutions in Western Australia offer services and facilities to students who need support with their studies due to a disability or chronic medical condition. Student support staff can help you with:

  • Resolving access issues and information about your rights and responsibilities
  • Information about alternative forms of assessment and curriculum modification
  • Access plans which inform university staff about your eligibility for disability-related services
  • Specialised equipment and print materials in alternative formats
  • Note-takers and sign language interpreters
  • Finance and scholarship information
  • Access to Adaptive Technology Suites
  • Web accessibility

The Australian government also awards scholarships to international students. Find out more about scholarship opportunities here.


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