Pathway Courses

Foundation studies and bridging courses are designed to provide international students with a pathway to higher education.

If you need help meeting university entry requirements or you’d like to improve your English before starting your degree, a foundation or bridging programme may be a good option for you.

Western Australia’s universities, English language schools and vocational institutions offer a range of pathways to university.

Some education providers are affiliated with specific universities, while others offer you the opportunity to choose your university. Often, you’re guaranteed entry into university once you’ve successfully completed a foundation or bridging course.

Foundation and bridging programmes are structured to give you the support you need to achieve success in your undergraduate studies. In fact, they’re linked to higher levels of achievement – students who undertake these courses tend to get better results during their first year at university than those who don’t.

Depending on your academic goals and university entry requirements, you can choose a general preparatory programme or one designed to help you get access to a particular undergraduate course. During your studies, you’ll learn common terminology used at university and experience university-style teaching such as lectures and tutorials.

A foundation course usually takes one academic year to complete. Bridging courses are shorter courses and can often be completed during the summer break (generally between the months of November and February).


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