Cost of Living

As an international student living and studying in Perth or regional Western Australia, your main costs will consist of everyday living costs and course fees.

Everyday living costs

Taking care of everyday living costs can be a big responsibility, especially for students who are away from home for the first time.

Whether you have financial support from your parents or provide for you own living costs, it’s important to understand the costs involved and budget accordingly.

A typical budget includes:

  • Accommodation (e.g. weekly rent)
  • Electricity, water and gas
  • Food and groceries
  • Phone and internet
  • Transport (car or public transport)
  • Clothing and entertainment
  • Health costs (e.g. insurance)


You’ll find a guide to approximate living costs in Western Australia on the Perth Education City website.

Course costs

Course fees are likely to be your biggest expense while studying in Western Australia. The cost of your course will depend on the type and duration of your studies, and will vary between different education providers.

International students are required to pay their course fees before the start of their study. Other course-related expenses can include textbooks, stationery and specialised course materials.

Find out more information about typical course fees in Western Australia on our course fees page.

Important information for student visa holders

If you study in Western Australia on a student visa, one of the visa requirements is to demonstrate that you have genuine access to sufficient funds to cover travel, tuition and living expenses – AUD$18, 000 per year. More information about this visa condition is available on the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website.

For more information on Living in Western Australia

Visit the Perth Education City website.