Internet, Mobile Phone and Mail

There are various communications services available to international students studying in Perth.


You can access the internet in a number of ways:

Free wi-fi zones – you’ll find free wi-fi internet zones in the Perth city centre and on main streets in Fremantle, Subiaco, Leederville and Mt Lawley. Using your laptop in a free wi-fi area, you should be able to access the internet at any time of the day.

Internet cafes – there are internet cafes located in and around the Perth city centre, where you can pay to use the internet.

Portable wireless modems – for a monthly fee, you can get a wireless USB modem or card from most major mobile phone networks in Australia. After you connect to the service, you’ll be able to access the provider’s wireless network almost anywhere in Perth. For example, at school, at home or at a cafe.

Internet on campus – your education provider should have computing and internet facilities for you to use. Many institutions also provide free wireless internet for students to use with their laptops.

Internet at home or at your residence – your on-campus accommodation may have internet connectivity available for you to use. If you live in homestay accommodation, you’ll need to check with your host family if you can use their internet and if you need to pay for it. If you rent or share with someone, you can negotiate with them to sign up for the internet with any major communications provider and share costs if you wish.

Mobile phones

You can buy an Australian SIM card to use with your existing phone or a new phone and SIM card. If you bring a phone from overseas, you may need to have it ‘unlocked’ so you can use it with an Australian network.

Many students choose ‘pre-paid’ or ‘pay-as-you-go’ mobile plans, which allow you to buy as much or as little credit as you need. There are also long-term contracts where you pay a set amount of money each month.

You can buy a mobile phone from a phone shop, some post offices, some supermarkets and department stores, and online.

You may need to show proof of identification when buying a phone.


There are public pay telephones located throughout Perth and at many education campuses. If you live with a host family, check with them before using their phone and ask if you need to pay for it. If you’re renting or sharing a house with someone, you can negotiate with them to get a phone connection through major telephone and internet providers and share costs if you wish.

Mail and post offices

In Australia, the name of the postal system is Australia Post. You can buy stamps, envelopes and postage boxes, and send mail and parcels at any post office in Perth.

Remember, when you send a letter, you must always put a stamp on it and write the address clearly. You can post a letter at the post office or place it in a red post box (red post boxes are located all around Perth).

To post a parcel to another city in Australia or overseas, you must pay for it and lodge it at the post office. When you give your address to friends and family at home, make sure you give them complete and correct address information. For example:

Unit/house number and street name
Post code


There are national, local and suburban newspapers in Perth. You can buy major newspapers at newsagents and supermarkets, and most newspapers are available to read online. Local and suburban newspapers are useful for looking for a job, a car, a place to rent or secondhand furniture. There are also international newspapers available in several languages.


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