Living in WA

Find out everything you need to know about living in Western Australia.

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About WA

General information about Perth and Western Australia.

Things to know

Things you should know about living in Western Australia.

Settling in

Useful information to help you settle into life in Western Australia.

Cost of living

Typical costs of living and studying in Western Australia.

Money and finance

Helpful advice on accessing and managing your money while in Western Australia.


Information on the accommodation options available to you during your stay in Western Australia.

Safety and security

Top tips on how to stay safe during your studies in Western Australia.


Important information about the Western Australian medical system and tips for looking after your health as an international student.


Things you should know if you plan to work in Western Australia.

Getting around Perth and WA

Public transport, student discounts, driving a car and more information about getting around Western Australia.

Internet, mobile phone and mail

Internet, mobile phones, mail and other Western Australian communications services explained.

Culture and religion

Information to help you understand Western Australia's culture, language and religion.

Things to see and do

The most popular activities and things to see in Western Australia.


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